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Pet Training in Marion, OH

At K-9 Kutts & Training in Marion, OH, we offer training and obedience courses for dogs of all ages and breeds. We’ve provided expert-level dog training in Marion and the surrounding area for over 22 years. Bring in your dog (or dogs!) and we’ll make sure they follow your every command.

Misbehaving dogs might be amusing in funny videos, but they’re no fun when they’re in your home. Rambunctious puppies can cause all sorts of trouble from chewed-up shoes to physical harm. Training a dog takes a lot of patience and you might not be equipped to deal with that kind of stress.

Dog Training
Dog Training

That’s why the trainers at K-9 Kutts & Training are dedicated to working closely with your dog to make sure they behave appropriately. Whether your companion is still a puppy or a little bit older, all dogs benefit from our style of obedience training. Our trainers are certified K-9 Behaviorists, so they can provide disciplined yet compassionate training. At K-9 Kutts & Training, we’ll calm down your dog and make sure they listen to you.

We now offer training sessions at our new training center, located on 117 N. Greenwood St in Marion, OH!

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Pet Training



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