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Pet Grooming in Marion, OH

At K-9 Kutts & Training in Marion, OH, we provide first-rate pet grooming services for all breeds of dogs and cats. We’ve primped countless numbers of four-legged friends in Marion, Delaware, Radnor, Waldo, Ashley, Edison and Richwood, OH, for over 22 years. We’ll make your pet look their very best!

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Dog Grooming Marion OH


A clean pet is a happy pet. Bring in your four-legged companion and we’ll give them a good scrubbing! We have over 22 years of grooming experience, so our groomers know how to keep your pet calm while making sure every inch of them is spotless. Your pet will enjoy being shampooed and pampered by our experts and you’ll enjoy taking home your newly cleaned critter!


Is your dog or cat’s fur a little too long? Bring them to our experts at K-9 Kutts & Training and we’ll give them a good trim. Our groomers are very experienced and will make sure your pet’s fur is trimmed and manageable without causing them any stress. We handle all types of fur lengths and textures, whether you have a golden lab, a poodle, a shorthair or a Himalayan. We can also experiment with a funky, new haircut—just ask! Whether it’s a simple trim or a new style, your pet will come out relieved that they won’t have to drag around pounds of excess fur!

Nail Clipping

As humans, we feel uncomfortable when our nails are too long—and so do our pets! Bring your four-legged companion in to K-9 Kutts & Training and we’ll clip their nails down to a manageable length. Our groomers work delicately, making sure your pets are comfortable and relaxed. Clipping your pet’s nails can be stressful for you and your pet, but we’ll make sure your pet stays calm throughout the process. Your pet will be happy with their new, short nails—and so will you!


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